2020 is going to be a memorable year for us all and no doubt, an era that will be committed to the history books for generations to come. But out of these terribly challenging times we’ve all learned a few things about ourselves.

For many, the whole devastating Covid-19 situation has crystallised our thinking in relation to the role that eating plays in our lives. I think it’s fair to say we’ve all realised:

  • The importance of good, wholesome nutritious food to ensure our continued health and wellbeing
  • The amount of time involved in preparing a wonderful spread from scratch
  • The clear benefits of frozen food – both in terms of convenience, food safety, ability to seal in nutrients and deliver a truly ‘fresh’ product
  • The value we place on the simple pleasure associated with sitting down with friends and family to enjoy great tasting food
  • How a fabulous meal can represent a real pick-me-up, especially during times when we are restricted in our ability to socialise

As I write this, the latter point is especially poignant. The recent announcement that the country is once again descending into a form of lockdown has triggered a mass fear that Christmas is effectively cancelled and any thoughts of a return to normal socialising have now been well and truly thrown out of the window.

But wait, before you banish your baubles and throw away your tinsel, there is hope! Out of these dark times, a whole new genre of entertaining our loved ones has been born, albeit online. Zoom, Skype and Facebook are not just being used for the traditional popular quiz night; lunch and dinner parties have also now gone digital! This makes it possible to enjoy a wonderful spread and engage in all the normal banter - and thanks to Noble House Prepared, everyone can still tuck into the same delicious food, without any of the stress and hassle associated with cooking the meal.

And you know the best bit? There’s no arguing about who does the washing up. Now, there’s one silver lining to the year 2020…


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