2021 is definitely the year of the ‘staycation’ as many Brits are set to choose to shun the complicated post Covid-19 overseas travel arrangements in favour of remaining in the UK for their annual break.

If you are opting for a self-catering holiday, you don’t want to spend your entire vacation worrying about what to cook for the next meal or traipsing around shops looking for the appropriate ingredients. Surely one of the joys of being away is the chance to be liberated from all your normal chores and routines?!

That said, it gets pretty expensive dining out for every meal. We’re all familiar with the ‘sorry we’re already booked up for this evening’ comment when you decide to show up randomly at a restaurant because tummies have started to rumble and the threat of dealing with hangry children is beginning to loom closer…

Our luxury ‘staycation’ bundles are the perfect solution. Restaurant quality food on tap, whenever you want it, with no queuing, no booking and the chance to tuck into fabulous fine food – wearing whatever you like – after all, you are on holiday!

Noble House Prepared a fabulous array of options for your staycation catering- frozen delivered food

Sorting out your holiday catering with Noble House Prepared couldn’t be easier.  You can select from our wide selection of moreish mains, splendid sides and decadent desserts and plan out all your meals ahead of departure. Rather than shop around for a decent wine, don’t forget to throw in some of your favourite wines to complement your choice of food and of course, no vacation is complete without some extra treats, so check out the sinful Rocky Road Slab or our amazing selection of bean-to-bar chocolates from Salcombe Dairy. Plus, if you’re planning on some alfresco dining whilst you’re away, you can even get ahead of the game by ordering in items from our picnic range, including the signature giant Noble House Sausage Roll, a magnificent charcuterie platter and our home-baked Plain and Fruit Scones served with clotted cream and deluxe strawberry jam (sausage roll and scones are frozen to ensure you enjoy that freshly baked taste).

Place your order in plenty of time for delivery direct to your self-catering abode. Then simply prepare to kick back and enjoy a holiday without any hassle!

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