This week we are celebrating National Vegetarian Week and if there was ever a time to think about increasing the number of vegetarian meals in your diet, it’s now.

Traditionally, many people’s decision to opt for a vegetarian diet was based on welfare issues and quite simply, not wanting to eat meat or fish, or any associated by-products. A desire to move to a healthier way of eating is also a motivating factor, since a vegetarian diet typically contains less saturated fat and cholesterol, so can reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and diet-related cancers. Most vegetarians are also likely to exceed the recommended 5-a-day guidance.

But nowadays, the environmental benefits are proving just as strong a driver, with a lot of positive messaging regarding the merits of adopting a vegetarian diet to help save our planet, by reducing carbon and other greenhouse emissions.

So while Noble House Prepared is not a plant-based brand we have worked very hard to enable our lovely customers to have access to plenty of delicious vegetarians options to make it easy to either follow a flexitarian (we’ve all heard of meat-free Monday) or exclusively vegetarian diet. Developed by wonder Executive Chef Owen Sullivan, our veggie and vegan dishes deliver a lip-smacking fine dining experience that is not always easy to find when eating out. 

Great Taste Award Winning Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

We want our veggie / vegan menu to benefit from the same level of innovation and creative culinary flair that goes into any of our meat or fish recipes. For us, these dishes are not a token afterthought, they have to stack up to the same standard of gastronomic excellence that we apply to the whole Noble House Prepared range. There’s plenty to choose from too, with our current veggie line-up featuring 16 mains, 17 sides and nine gloriously indulgent puds to tuck into. And as with all of our dishes, it’s easy to track each single ingredient that goes into every gorgeous gourmet treat.

If you haven’t tried any of our veggie collection yet, we’re running a 15% discount off all vegetarian and vegan dishes during National Vegetarian Week- just type in NVW15 into the discount code box at checkout, et voila, you’re ready to do your bit to eat sustainably.

Thai Yellow Butternut Squash Curry

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