Provenance: When only the best will do.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." John Ruskin

Great food can only be created from superior quality ingredients, that’s something that our Executive Chef, Owen Sullivan is passionate about and he should know, having spent many years leading Michelin starred restaurants within the Gordon Ramsay Group.

We invest a significant amount of time tracking down the best ingredients that we can find to befit the fine dining style of cooking that is consistent with the Noble House Prepared brand. Rather than focus on price, we prefer to make flavour, texture and provenance our tip top priorities.

All Noble House Prepared dishes are created in our bespoke kitchen, using almost exclusively local ingredients. We prefer to work with local suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability – not just because we want to do our bit to be environmentally responsible, but also because this means we can access the freshest produce available while at the same time showing our support to smaller artisan producers.

Here are just some examples of our quest to bring you dishes featuring the finest ingredients, supplied by producers who share our dedication for excellence and the need to observe responsible and ethical farming practices.

Noble House Prepared Jimmy Butler Pork Sausages Jimmys Farm


Our free-range pork is sourced from a family business in Suffolk, whose team is as passionate about animal welfare as we are, ensuring the pigs are allowed to roam and live happy stress-free lives.


Our sustainable grass-fed beef is selected only from British Angus, Hereford and Devon Reds, and is actually placed in the top 1% of beef in the world.

Noble House Prepared Best Quality British Premium Grass Fed Beef


We source our ‘champagne style status’ lamb from the South West of England, where it has been naturally reared to deliver perfect flavour and tenderness.

Chicken and turkey

We only use free-range chicken and turkey in any of our recipes, supplied by one of the best in the business, a farm based in Worcestershire which is a former National Poultry Supplier of the Year.

Noble House Prepared Free Range Chicken and Turkey Caldecott Farm Chickens and Holly Farm Turkey


We use Scottish salmon, predominantly from a small independent salmon farming company headquartered in North-West Scotland. Our seafood is sourced wherever possible from local day boat fishing businesses operating out of UK ports, who all share a commitment to sustainability.

Fruit and vegetables

Wherever possible we select British grown fruit and vegetables, sourced from local farms predominantly located in Kent, Essex and Bedfordshire.

"As a professional chef, I am passionate about using the very best-in-class ingredients in the dishes that I create. Working with local suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability not only makes sense from an environmentally responsible perspective, it also means that we are working with the freshest produce available and of course supporting smaller artisan producers." 

Owen Sullivan - Head Chef

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