The last few weeks have certainly represented challenging times for many people who are now faced with a return to the lockdown restrictions that the country experienced back in March.

And with the looming threat of Covid stealing our traditional mass Christmas gatherings, it’s easy to understand why despondency and despair are beginning to take a hold of the nation.

It’s at times like these that we all need to find something which brings us joy, lifting us from the doldrums and blocking out the constant flurry of depressing news stories. One clear outcome of this dreadful pandemic is that it has reminded us to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, such as spending more time in the great outdoors, enjoying the wholesome benefits of being out in the fresh air and acknowledging the beauty of nature; as well as valuing the importance of our family and friends. Never before has the previously taken-for-granted ritual of sharing good food (and probably a little too much wine!) and engaging in lively conversation with those nearest and dearest to us been more treasured. While the numbers within our social group may be smaller, nothing can detract from the pleasure to be derived from sitting at the table surrounded by those closest to you and tucking into a fabulous meal packed full of flavour to awaken the taste buds!

Even if you can’t physically be with some of your loved ones, we’d like to think that Noble House Prepared can help to bridge the distance between you by providing the opportunity to bring amazing food to people’s doorsteps. Perhaps 2020 will be the year when ‘Digital Dining’ becomes a new phenomenon, with family and friends coming together to share a wonderful meal…online. Or maybe, you have a friend who is finding life particularly tough right now: what better way to cheer them up than by sending a food parcel with a difference – ready to eat restaurant-quality food lovingly prepared, which can be enjoyed safely in the comfort of their own home?

This quote seems particularly apposite right now …Noble House Prepared Virginia Woolf Dine Well Quotation

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