Noble House Prepared Meals Frozen and Delivered

Why prepared food?

Because sometimes life gets really busy! Whether you are a hassled working parent, someone who toils for long hours at the office (including, in current times, the ‘home office’), a serial entertainer – or a combination of all of these, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Putting together a selection of dishes entails scouring recipes, sourcing the best ingredients and then devoting even more time to creating your culinary masterpiece! And let’s face it, there are occasions when you may have the time but just don’t relish the thought of being holed up in the kitchen doing the cooking - when you could be spending quality time with friends and family…

NH Prepared Salmon Wellington Frozen Prepared Meals Delivered

And choosing frozen food brings with it a whole range of advantages:

  • Frozen food doesn’t require preservatives unlike many processed foods (which are often stacked with salt to help them last longer) and are simply frozen in time until you decide to tuck in.
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables lock in all the goodness in a short space of time from picking – unlike supermarket fruit and veg which may be in storage for weeks.
  • Frozen prepared meals cut out waste as they are measured out into portion sizes.
  • Frozen food is highly convenient, you can shop months ahead and always be prepared for unexpected guests!
  • Frozen food is safe and stored and cooked correctly, it is one of the best ways to preserve flavour and nutrients.
  • Frozen food is environmentally friendly: less food wastage; fewer visits to the supermarket to pick up fresh ingredients on a regular basis; less packaging when compared to the packaging housing all the components of a cooked meal.
  • Frozen food enables you to access a whole range of ingredients year-round, rather than just relying on those in season.
  • Frozen food represents value for money. Compare the price of a frozen prepared dish with the cost of all the individual ingredients – and that’s without factoring in the cost of your time!