Welcome to Noble House Prepared!

We’re no strangers to creating fabulous occasions! Although Noble House Prepared is delivering divine Coffee, Wine, Tea and Champagne directly into the home, our team has been working in the fine food industry for over a decade. Led by Conrad Baker, the Noble House brand has been synonymous with spectacular food and drink after years of operating in the fine dining events, weddings and high-end bespoke contract catering sectors, supplying high profile private clients and leading multinational companies. In March 2020 the Covid-19 Pandemic devastated the Events and Catering Industry in the UK and our focus was shifted to offering a range of outstanding products online, to be delivered to homes across the nation.

Noble House Prepared Coffee Tea Wine Champagne Nespresso Coffee Capsules

The founding principle behind Noble House Prepared is simple: we want to enable you - our customers - to access the very finest Coffee, Tea, Alcoholic Drinks and Gifts, to be ordered online and delivered to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

We offer an extensive array of the highest quality wines from all around the world for you to choose from, as well as a superb selection of coffee beans and pods (ethically sourced and blended from the very best growers across the globe), designed to meet the discerning standards of the ultimate coffee connoisseur. We hope you agree!

A little more about our great love…Coffee

We are proud to produce an extensive collection of expertly blended premium coffees from around the world, designed to meet the needs of the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

Our in-house coffee specialist founded one of the largest independent coffee producers in the UK - a trailblazer in the industry in terms of its commitment to spreading wealth amongst the coffee growers and producers working at grass roots level and helping them to develop their businesses. As such, he was an early adopter of the Fairtrade supplier accreditation which represent the ethos and founding principles that have been intrinsic to the creation of Noble House’s exceptional range of coffee blends. Each of our delicious, meticulously crafted and professionally blended ethical coffees delivers exceptional taste, designed to exceed expectations.

Our convenient Nespresso-compatible capsules are fully compostable, and the specially developed airtight packaging provides a shelf life of at least 12 months. This exceptional range of Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules are made from an oxygen-tight biopolymer which is 100% compostable. They can be placed in the general waste, added to compost or buried in the ground. Whichever route is taken, these capsules have been designed to break down completely. In addition, the outer packaging for all our coffees is recyclable.

Ethical and responsible practice

A key priority for Noble House Coffee is to ensure that the farmers and communities from the coffee growing regions from which our coffee is sourced, benefit from any commercial partnership, with none of the restrictions associated with the big corporates.

We want to support those in developing countries whose livelihoods are dependent on a successful coffee crop. Our overriding mission is to work only with ethically sourced products, and to focus on designing and blending coffees from the very best growers from around the world, delivering a quality of taste not intrinsically linked to price. Noble House Coffee supports the Msia School Coffee Club initiative in Tanzania, which provides young people with the skills and knowledge to make a viable income derived from coffee farming.

In addition, working closely with likeminded people and our production partners, Noble House’s aim is to hero the plantations from which our coffee is sourced. Our priority is to educate, support, share knowledge and help fund the growth of conscious coffee plantations across the world. Through the payment of ethical premiums on all our coffees, investing in Fairtrade and careful, sustainable and ethical sourcing, our goal is to create the most comprehensive, multi-faceted, support package of any coffee supplier in the UK. We do this not only because it is our corporate, social and public responsibility, but because we have a genuine enthusiasm for supporting conscientious coffee. Through our Noble House Coffee portfolio, we are striving to make a genuine difference in improving the environment and creating a favourable, economically viable industry, which benefits the farmers, their families and communities.

We are pretty passionate about our Coffee, Wine and Tea; we hope you will be too!