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Noble House Coffee provides an extensive range of expertly blended premium coffees from around the world, designed to meet the needs of the most discerning coffee connoisseur, while offering our clients a carefully crafted range to suit all budgets and service requirements.


Our specialists have expert knowledge on coffee and are ready to help you find the right solutions for your business. 

Your clients, customers and team members deserve only the best.  


Each of our delicious, meticulously crafted and professionally blended ethical coffees delivers exceptional taste, designed to exceed expectations. 

Available in bean, ground and compostable-capsule formats, you will find the perfect blend for your specific requirements.


Our lead coffee specialist founded one of the largest independent coffee producers in the UK - a trailblazer in the industry in terms of its commitment to spreading wealth amongst the coffee growers and producers working at grass roots level and helping them to develop their businesses.

As such, he was an early adopter of the Fairtrade supplier accreditation which is indicative of his ethos and founding principles - principles that he has brought to the creation of Noble House’s exceptional range of coffee blends.


Noble House Coffee provides all necessary training, from day-to-day operation and maintenance of an automatic bean-to-cup machine, through to barista training for traditional espresso machines. We enable businesses who are keen to improve their coffee offering navigate their way to serving their teams and clients the very best coffee in the workplace.

Thanks to our comprehensive in-house knowledge and industry experience, we are able to work with clients to develop bespoke training programmes and systems designed to establish superior quality and a consistently high standard of service.


Our exceptional range of Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules are made from an oxygen-tight biopolymer which is 100% compostable. They can be placed in the general waste, added to compost or buried in the ground. Whichever route is taken, these capsules have been designed to break down completely. In addition, the outer packaging for all our coffees is recyclable.

Get in touch

We'd love to discuss with you how we can help your business with your coffee requirements- Contact us below, or alternatively our email is To speak to one of team directly, do call us on 0207 6177 036. We look forward to hearing from you!

What people say

The Best Coffee: Did you know? We use Noble House Coffee? Our chosen blend is Java Sea which is blended with Sumatran & Vietnamese Arabicas together with Vietnamese Robusta to produce a unique balanced coffee. Our feedback has been 100% positive and I am so delighted we have a great relationship with this amazing brand to bring you the best coffee.

- The Graze Kitchen Ltd, Newmarket -

"Superb Roman Ground Coffee blend, Rich, Smooth and full bodied. Makes the perfect cuppa, highly recommend and a must for any coffee lover...If you're after something a bit special, this is an excellent choice!"

"I loved the coffee, the aroma was beautiful, it reminded me of stepping into my favourite coffee shop. I was surprised by taste, I expected a rich, strong flavour but it was smooth, sweet and delicious."

I just tried Noble House Prepared coffee for the first time and was blown away by the rich and smooth taste and smell. It’s also ethically sourced and organic which is important when looking for tasty coffee. Would definitely recommend if you are a coffee lover looking for a tasty brew.


In addition to our expertly blended premium coffees, Noble House also helps businesses identify the best coffee machines to fit their specific requirements, from traditional espresso machines to fully automated bean-to-cup – both in terms of production capacity and budget.

We supply all the major brands with a proven track record for reliability including Jura and Schaerer, as well as Espressomat, Astoria, Francino, and Magister (part of the Rancilio family).

Please contact us to discuss the perfect solution for your business, backed by our comprehensive maintenance and purchase plans.

Clients and Stockists


A key priority for Noble House Coffee is to ensure that the farmers and communities from the coffee growing regions from which our coffee is sourced, benefit from any commercial partnership, with none of the restrictions associated with the big corporates.

We want to support those in developing countries whose livelihoods are dependent on a successful coffee crop. Our overriding mission is to work only with ethically sourced products, and to focus on designing and blending coffees from the very best growers from around the world, delivering a quality of taste not intrinsically linked to price.

Noble House Coffee supports the Msia School Coffee Club initiative in Tanzania, which provides young people with the skills and knowledge to make a viable income derived from coffee farming.

In addition, working closely with likeminded people and our production partners, Noble House’s aim is to hero the plantations from which our coffee is sourced. Our priority is to educate, support, share knowledge and help fund the growth of conscious coffee plantations across the world.

Through the payment of ethical premiums on all our coffees, investing in Fairtrade and careful, sustainable and ethical sourcing, our goal is tocreate the most comprehensive, multi-faceted, support package of any coffee supplier in the UK. We do this not only because it is our corporate, social and public responsibility, but because we have a genuine enthusiasm for supporting conscientious coffee.

Through our Noble House Coffee portfolio, we are striving to make a genuine difference in improving the environment and creating a favourable, economically viable industry, which benefits the farmers, their families and their communities.

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