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Our Packaging Story

At Noble House we always look to use the best available eco-friendly options where we can. We’ve taken particular care to choose packaging options which are sustainable, made from recycled products, can be further recycled or (better still) are biodegradable.

Delivery boxes:

For our deliveries we use cardboard boxes made from sustainably sourced recycled cardboard. These can be reused at home, put with your household recycling to be recycled once again, or as it is also biodegradable, you can cut/shred it for your compost or garden mulch.

We also use eco-friendly paper tape to seal the box. This can also be recycled!

Loose Fill / Protective Padding:

We also use a very special loose fill that protects in the same way as polystyrene chips (and looks similar), but that’s where the similarities end! Environmentally, these products are oceans apart- our loose fill is made from corn starch and is 100% compostable (EN13432). Just put it in your home compost, or if you put it in the sink and run water over it, it will dissolve and run down the sink!

Coffee Capsules & Packaging:

Our Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are made from an oxygen-tight biopolymer which is 100% compostable. You can place them in the general waste, the compost or bury them in the ground, either way they will completely break down. Their packaging can also be recycled, subject to your local recycling facilities.

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