Sourcing our coffee ethically

A key priority for Noble House Coffee is to ensure that the farmers and communities from the coffee growing regions from which our coffee is sourced, benefit from any commercial partnership, with none of the restrictions associated with the big corporates.

We want to support those in developing countries whose livelihoods are dependent on a successful coffee crop. Our overriding mission is to work only with ethically sourced products, and to focus on designing and blending coffees from the very best growers from around the world, delivering a quality of taste not intrinsically linked to price.

Noble House Coffee supports the Msia School Coffee Club initiative in Tanzania, which provides young people with the skills and knowledge to make a viable income derived from coffee farming.

In addition, working closely with likeminded people and our production partners, Noble House’s aim is to hero the plantations from which our coffee is sourced. Our priority is to educate, support, share knowledge and help fund the growth of conscious coffee plantations across the world. 

Through the payment of ethical premiums on all our coffees, investing in Fairtrade and careful, sustainable and ethical sourcing, our goal is tocreate the most comprehensive, multi-faceted, support package of any coffee supplier in the UK. We do this not only because it is our corporate, social and public responsibility, but because we have a genuine enthusiasm for supporting conscientious coffee.

Through our Noble House Coffee portfolio, we are striving to make a genuine difference in improving the environment and creating a favourable, economically viable industry, which benefits the farmers, their families and their communities.

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