Light My Fire - TempleSpa Energising Aromatherapy Scented Candle


A gorgeously fragrant aromatherapy candle to scent your space with an energising and refreshing essential oil blend.

It has a stunningly fresh, upbeat blend of pure essential oils to liven up the atmosphere of any space in your home or office.

  • Burn Time: up to 45 hours
  • Scent: Energising and uplifting aroma
  • Tip: Always trim the wick to 5 mm before burning to avoid smoking.
  • Wax: Natural wax blend

Additional general information about the products and ingredients, provided by TempleSpa:

  • Suitable for Pregnancy: We can confirm that all our products have been through a rigorous Global Safety Assessment, using an independent toxicologist before they are introduced to the market. The Safety Assessment checks and ensures that the ingredients, and combination of ingredients, within a product are safe for all consumers and that they are fully compliant with EU, UK and FDA cosmetic legislation. If in doubt for personal or out of ordinary circumstances, please contact your doctor.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and/or Vegans: We are pleased to say that all our products are suitable for vegetarians. Look out for our vegetarian and vegan information for confirmation.
  • SLS / SLES Free: All TEMPLESPA products are SLS & SLES free.
  • Paraben Free: All TEMPLESPA products are paraben free. Although parabens have been classified as safe to use in cosmetic products Temple Spa have made the decision to use alternative preservative ingredients. The preservatives we use will differ from product to product and are selected according to the function and ingredient blend of the formulation.
  • Gluten - where specified on a product by product basis: These formulations contain gluten and may not be suitable if you have a gluten allergy.
  • Contains Nuts - where specified on a product by product basis: These products contains nuts and/or nut oils and may not be suitable if you have a nut allergy.
  • Contains Seeds - where specified on a product by product basis: These formulations contain seeds and may not be suitable if you have a seed allergy.
  • Contains Alcohol - where specified on a product by product basis: These products contain alcohol and may not be suitable if you have an alcohol allergy. 
  • Contains Lavender - where specified on a product by product basis: These formulas contain lavender either as a botanical extract or an essential oil.

A natural antiseptic that purifies, cools and energises.

Bergamot is a natural antiseptic and bacterial growth inhibitor making it great for oily and blemish prone skin. It helps kill blackhead and spot creating bacteria and also helps control excess oil production.

As an antiseptic it helps the skin regenerate and can help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks by evening out skin tone. It possesses purifying, cooling and energising properties.

This extract of this little fruit creates the feeling of freshness, joy and energy. It also helps to improve the circulation. In traditional aromatherapy Bergamot also is known to conversely work as a mild sedative to help ease anxiety and help you to relax.

Refreshing, stimulating and a natural antiseptic.

Lemons are astringent: they purify skin, helping clear away acne-causing dirt and grime and slough away dead skin cells while aiding cell renewal for smoother, clearer skin.

Lemon is a highly antiseptic ingredient which is rich in vitamins A and C that helps brighten skin, boost collagen production and protect skin from premature ageing. It contains bioflavonoids which help to strengthen the capillaries in the skin and can protect against varicose veins and bruising.

The exfoliating properties of lemons also benefit hair, it can get rid of dead cells and treat an itchy scalp that leads to dandruff as well as help to remove hair product build up. Vitamin C also helps strengthen hair and encourage hair growth.

Lemon oil is calming in nature, helping to elevate mental fatigue and nervous tension as well as refreshing the mind and energising.

Invigorates, revitalises and moisturises the skin.

Peppermint is known for its cooling, invigorating and refreshing properties.

It helps soothe skin irritations while freshening breath and revitalising skin.

It has anti-inflammatory qualities and helps calm skin and heal cracked skin or an irritated scalp.

It also helps to nourish and moisturise skin and can brighten a dull complexion.

Peppermint possesses astringent qualities and treats blocked pores which can lead to acne, it also combats oily skin by controlling the production of excess oil.

This also benefits greasy hair as it can reduce grease and rebalance skin helping to treat both dry and oily hair. It romotes circulation to the hair follicles which aids hair growth.

Peppermint is also known to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. It can also boost your mood and improve mental accuracy and alertness with its stimulating qualities.

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